10 Flowers That Can Withstand The Heat

If you have hot summers like we do, here in Burlington, North Carolina, you understand that not all flowers will measure up to our hot summers. Some flowers just won't hold up to the hot sun, and are too delicate for the heat, like Foxglove, Stock, or Sweet Pea. BUT fear not, because there are still some BEAUTIFUL flowers that THRIVE in the heat all spring and summer long… even in August. Here are some great suggestions for your flower garden that you can plant all summer long:

orange marigolds

Marigolds are a very hardy flower that LOOOOOVE the sun. They are beautiful and full of color and make a great addition to any garden, but can also be used as a cut flower for some mixed arrangements. Did you know that Marigolds can also be used to add some "tang" to your salads. That’s right, they’re edible and delicious.

pink hibiscus bloom
pink and red hibiscus blooms

Hibiscus is one of our favorites here at Garden Valley. If you’re in need of a show-stopping plant with huge blooms that doesn’t whither away in the heat, Hibiscus is definitely THE ONE. They’re beautiful and will leave a lasting impression to you and your friends and family all summer long!

Sunflowers are so easy to grow! And when you think of sunflowers, don't you think they just embody summer? These beauties need LOTS of sun, and some can even grow over 16 feet tall!!! Sunflowers also attract bees and birds and were even used by Native Americans to cure skin ailments.

pink zinnias

Zinnias are one of the easiest flowers to grow and develop. They are also great because they are deer-resistant and may even help to keep other flowers safe because of it. Zinnias are, of course, beautiful in your garden or pots, but would also look beautiful in bouquets or arrangements for your home.


Geraniums are colorful, easy to grow, and very fragrant. They are a great summer flower and one of our most popular at Garden Valley Market. Did you know that Geraniums are toxic to those pesky Japanese Beetles? And they can also survive inside during the winter if they have enough light.

purple salvia

Known for it's healing properties, Salvia loves, loves, LOVES the hot and dry weather. They also attract the beautiful Hummingbird as well as Butterflies. Did you know it's a relative to Sage?

red petunias

Petunias are one of the most popular flowers, and for good reason. They come in a wide variety of colors and are a GREAT way to add some color to your garden or container. And they bloom all season long, so you can enjoy them both in spring and summer.

purple verbena

Verbena is a charming flowering plant that blooms from spring to fall. With very little maintenance, this plant will add a beautiful addition to your landscape, flower boxes, pottery, and even a hanging basket. They LOVE the heat, and with a little bit of care, can transform your home from boring to charming in just a few easy steps.
You can read about how to take care of them here.

orange lantana

Lantana is just a bright and beautiful flower that's tolerant of both drought AND humidity, which makes it so special. Also, butterflies LOVE Lantana. If you want to add more butterflies to your home, you need Lantana. It's also deer and rabbit resistant, allowing your blooms to actually stick around for longer than a day. Anybody else feel us on that?

red begonias

Begonias are an elegant choice, full of colorful blooms and character to make your home or office sparkle for many hot months. Thriving in part sun, these beautiful flowers would be the perfect welcome to any entrance, and the perfect peaceful addition to any back patio.

white hanging basket

So if you live in a hot climate, like we do here at Garden Valley Farmers Market, you understand that not just ANY flower can be grown here. Choosing flowers that are hardy and can withstand the hot temperatures will not only save you some money in the long run, but will also save you some frustration, and keep you enjoying the flowers all season long, even into our hot August. Stop by one of our locations in North Carolina, and pick up some heat resistant flowers to add to your flower garden. We'd love to see you!
What are some heat loving flowers that you love to plant?

Warm wishes,
Your GVFM Team