7 Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins

If you’re looking for last minute Halloween decor inspiration, or you’re needing some inspiration for your upcoming Thanksgiving table setting, this blog post has GOT YOU COVERED. We’re sharing our top seven ways to decorate with pumpkins, and believe us when we say this: you won’t need to go anywhere else. And once you’ve got your inspiration fix, head over to Garden Valley Farmers Market and let us help your ideas come to fruition with our AMAZING selection of pumpkins and hay bells.

7 Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins

1. Tablescapes
Whether creating your elaborate floral centerpiece, mapping out your gorgeous Thanksgiving table runner, or setting your place card holders onto the plates, pumpkins are an amazingly unique way to add character to your table for your friends and family to gather around.


2. Fireplace/Mantle
Pumpkins are the PERFECT addition to your fireplace, because they can be enjoyed all season long for both Halloween AND Thanksgiving. You can line the mantle, place them sporadically on the hearth, or even stack them IN THE ACTUAL fireplace. So many options.


3. Front Porch
The front porch is a very common place to pumpkins, and that’s because it’s the first thing that you and your guests see when arriving home. It’s a place that sets the tone of your home’s environment, and we HIGHLY recommend starting here with your pumpkin decor. And whether you’re lining the front steps, or placing them in chairs or buckets, it’s sure to leave your guests feeling the cozy vibes that this season brings.


4. Shelves
Adding a simple accent piece to your shelf, or creating a focal point for attention to be drawn to, is the perfect way to invite Halloween and Thanksgiving decor into your home.


5. Stairwells
Ever thought about adding pumpkins to your stairs? You’re welcome. You can make it simple, elaborate, or somewhere in between, but adding them to this area can really make a huge impact on the sometimes forgotten areas of your home. (Also would be a REALLY great statement at a Fall wedding)


6. Photo Shoots
You can ALWAYS come to Garden Valley Farmers Market and take some family photos at one of our photo booths, BUT if you’re wanting to have a different location, come by, grab a few hay bells, and create your own masterpiece for your shoot. Styled shoots, family photos, engagement sessions, or pregnancy announcements, pumpkins are great options for your Fall shoots and are also a photographers dream!


7. Parties
Last but not least, pumpkins make GREAT party decorations. Whether using them as buckets for drinks, creating a “pumpkin patch” for your one year old, having a “gratitude pumpkin” for Thanksgiving, or setting up a pumpkin carving station of your guests, they are sure to leave your party “the talk of the town”.


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