How To Keep Your Hanging Basket Beautiful All Summer Long

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So, you finally got your GORGEOUS hanging basket (maybe from Garden Valley Farmers Market)? You’re watering it and admiring its unique beauty and color that it brings to your home. Until one day… you notice that it’s looking sad, not blooming anymore, and its honestly just, well, ugly. But it doesn’t have to turn out that way this year! With the following tips, let’s keep your hanging baskets looking absolutely gorgeous and full all summer long.

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When choosing your hanging baskets, remember to keep location in the forefront of your mind. Needing a shade plant? We recommend Ferns, Wandering Jew, and Fuchsia!
Needing a basket that’s in a sunny location? Petunia, Million Bells, and Lantana are GREAT choices for you, and come in a beautiful variety of colors.

yellow flower hanging basket

Fertilize… slowly.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to fertilizing your hanging basket. Why? First, if fertilizing too much, the flower/plant can become stressed by growing too fast and cause it to go into shock. Slow growth is much better than the opposite in the long run. Second, its important to fertilize because the soil is not exposed to the same soil as a garden bed would be. It’s not getting the same organic compounds and nutrients from the earth when its hanging in the air, so regular fertilizing of your basket is recommended.

pink flower hanging baskets


How and when you water your basket is secretly an important tip. Most baskets tend to dry out faster than a bedding plant or pot would, so watering daily is recommended with most plants. However, be sure to ask your sales associate for your specific plant’s watering needs if there is no tag).
When is the best time to water, you ask? We recommend early morning. Early morning watering gives the plant enough time to absorb the moisture that is needed so that it can survive the heat of the day.

pink and purple million bell hanging basket

Regular Pruning and Deadheading.

Once a week, cut back and remove any damaged leaves or flower buds from your basket. You will notice a huge difference in the longevity of life from your basket if this is done and kept up with. Doing this not only increases growth in your basket, but it also increased your bloom development. And we all want that, right?!


FYI- MOST hanging basket from Garden Valley Farmers Market do not need to be repotted, as long as they are kept trimmed back and pruned. But on the off chance that the basket might need some saving… check out the next section for a few tips.

pink flower lantana with yellow million bell flowers

Your Plant May Have Outgrown Your Container.

If your plant starts to look overgrown, it might be time for you to repot your basket. Hanging baskets can become root bound because the roots will have no room left to grow. To prevent this, we recommend repotting your plant into a hanging basket that is a size bigger. Wire baskets filled with a coconut liner are a great option because this allows air to flow through the roots of the plant. Here is a great option for you. These may seem more expensive up front, but will last you for many years to come… and they’re pretty.


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