Mum's The Word; All About Mums and How To Care For Them

With the new season of Fall finally here, cooler temperatures are approaching. These shorter days also, unfortunately, brings a season of saying goodbye to our favorite colorful flowers of summer. But take heart dear friends, the season of fall can also provide you with this specific breathtaking beauty, the plant we call the chrysanthemum, or in short, t h e g a r d e n m u m.

orange mum

Did you know? The mum is both an

annual and perennial.

Depending on your climate and how you care for it, the mum can make an awesome come back the following Fall season. And with proper care, the Mum can withstand the cold temperatures that the winter brings and deliver beauty each and every Fall season. It’s usually best to wait until Spring to allow for better root establishment, however, you can plant them in the fall as well. If planting in the Fall, you’re going to want to make sure you give them plenty of protection to survive their first winter in the ground. This means resisting the urge to prune them and leaving the dried buds and leaves on the plant after it’s blooming season. You will also need to provide them with a lot of mulch to protect their sensitive roots from the cold.


What to look for

When choosing your mums, look for a mum with more unopened buds. This ensures that you will be able to enjoy the blooms for a longer period of time. If there are more open blooms than not, this means the mum is past its blooming peak. However, it does make a perfect option to liven up your decor and give color to your last minute Fall party.


Should you repot?

YES! We have many pottery options still available at all of our locations. Repotting your mum can be one of the best things you can do to set your mum up for success this Fall season. This prevents root rot, and allows more room for the roots to grow. More root growth means a healthier Mum.

pumpkins and mums

How to care for your Mum


Mums can do okay in partial shade, but if you want your beautiful Mum to thrive, you need to try and give them full sun. If in the shade, this may cause your Mum to become “leggy” because it’s literally trying to reach for the sun. This also causes less flowering.


Mums prefer well-draining soil with compost or organic matter mixed in with it. Why add this to your soil? Because it creates a good environment that is essential to all plant’s health and growth.


Usually mums like to be watered every other day if in the full sun, but if the soil seems dry, go ahead and give it a nice soaking. Water until drainage seeps from under your pot. If in the ground, only water when the first inch of soil is dry.


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