How to Care for a Shrimp Plant

                                                                   SHRIMP PLANT 

                                                                   SHRIMP PLANT 


Shrimp Plant Care

While these beauties aren’t fussy, there are a few things you should know about how to care for a shrimp plant to get the most from your shrub. It does best in loamy or sandy soil that is well drained. It doesn’t do well with wet feet. Well rooted plants are fairly drought tolerant, but like most tropicals, it thrives in high humidity. While they will grow in full sun to partial shade, growing shrimp plants where they receive morning sun is ideal. They need the sun to bring out the brightest colors and, yet, too much sun will cause the colors to fade too soon. Shrimp plant care should also include frequent trimming to encourage fuller growth and more bloom. Once the first bracts appear, a shrimp plant will bloom for months and then will rest for a short time before blooming again. The best time to trim and prune is when blooming begins to slow.

If you're looking for something unique, beautiful and easy to maintain, this plant is it! You can find these shrimp plants in four inch pots as well as in tree form at all of our locations! 

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