5 Reasons to Support Local

Whether you're wanting to add some color to the pots on your front porch steps, or wanting to plant those juicy tomatoes in your garden, there are many places you could buy these plants. But where is the best place to go? Sure, you could turn to your mass merchant store, but maybe this time, think more locally. If you have a local garden center, like Garden Valley Market, often times they offer a very wide variety of amazing plants/produce.

So, without further ado, here are five reasons why we think you should support your local garden center:


1. Knowledge

Local garden centers, like Garden Valley Market, have a passion for all things gardening. Whether that's with the choices/varieties of colorful petunias that are offered, the fresh zucchini we just got in stock, or the tropical Hibiscus that's just perfect for summer, knowing and learning what each plant’s needs are, is vital. Local garden centers tend to stay up to date on local weather and the specific climate zone they are located, as well. We can help you in deciding which flowers, shrubs, and vegetables to plant that will not only bloom, but thrive here in central North Carolina.

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2. Quality

This topic is HUGE to us. Here’s why:
Local garden centers usually invest in good quality materials and supplies, which can sometimes be a bit more expensive for you, the consumer. But the phrase, "you get what you pay for", could not hold truer for Garden Valley Market. There is much time and investment given to the plants and produce, including regular fertilization of the plants and a constant pruning/dead-heading of the flowers in order to keep the plants healthy and at their prime. Local garden centers can also provide unique materials that would not normally be found at a mass merchant store. There’s also a reason that the quality is better with local stores… because the local garden center actually owns the material. It's bought and paid for, not purchased on consignment where it can be sent back if it doesn’t sell. And remembering that your success equals our success, is what makes the quality of the plants much higher at a local garden center.


3. Customer Service

Shopping at local garden centers, like Garden Valley Market, can also mean that more personal attention is paid to the customer. Personal relationships are made and "regulars" become part of our gardening family. Locals can often provide the best tips and tricks as well, allowing us to learn more and share with our local customers. And we, at Garden Valley, LOVE the relationship and trust that is built between us.


4. Local Economy

Supporting local also means supporting your local economy. It's choosing to allow your funds to stay in the local community. And when you're purchasing your plants and produce from your local farmers market, you're purchasing and supporting your local farmers and growers in North Carolina. We can't think of a better way to support your neighbors, friends and family.


5. Unique Community

One of the best parts of supporting local is something that you, the customer and consumer, can really enjoy. You get to keep a one-of-a-kind business, well, in business. And in return, you can experience the unique character that it brings to your local community. This can also increase your community’s tourist attraction, which means more money for your local economy. And, it's just plain FUN to go and get lost in the plants, get to know your gardeners, and enjoy the unique community that it brings to your life, and those around you.


Supporting your local garden center doesn't have to be stressful, and it definitely doesn't have to be too expensive. But having and building that trust between you and your farmers is something that is rarely found these days. But once it's found, it's respected and cherished for years and years to come.

We appreciate you!

Your GVM Team