How To Care For Geraniums

Geraniums are a beautifully colorful and fragrant option that give you all the spring and summer gardening vibes. They have over 250 species, are low maintenance (once you learn their needs), and make a great addition to your garden.

white geraniums in pots

When healthy, Geraniums are full of lush blooms and filled with green leaves, so they make a great addition to cover the base of shrubs. They are also beautiful in window boxes, in a hanging basket, in single pots on their own, or in an eclectic mixed container. And not only do these beauties smell amazing, but they also help to repel insects… mosquitoes in particular. Geraniums can be grown outside and indoors, making this plant very versatile.

…that when most people think of geraniums, they are actually thinking of what is called a Pelargonium, and Pelargoniums are not a “true” Geranium. Because in 1789, Geraniums were separated into two genus species, one of them being Pelargonium. But for reference, we will refer to Pelargoniums as Geraniums for this article… because it’s easier to say and write.

dark pink geranium
Red Geraniums
White Geranium

How To Care for Geraniums

Geraniums have very specific needs, but once they are learned, you’ll see that these beautiful plants will thrive and be the next show stopper piece for your garden, front porch, or back deck.

Where to Grow.
+ Indoors. Geraniums need a minimum of moderate light indoors, but more blooms will be yielded if they receive heavy light. Also, if you’re more interested on growing Geraniums indoors, check out this blog post over on Balcony Garden Web.
+ Outdoors. If growing outside, place your Geranium in a spot that receives FULL SUN (minimum of 6 hours of sunlight). If you are in a climate where the temperature reaches above 90 degrees, you also might want to consider planting your Geranium where it receives morning sun, but afternoon shade.

When and How to Plant.
Plant your geraniums only after the threat of a frost has passed. You can check your individual tags on the specific type of geranium you have purchased, but generally, you will want to space them 8”-12” apart.

Geraniums love a slightly acidic, well-draining soil. If planting in a pot, you can easily accomplish this by adding moss to your soil, and covering the base of your pot with rocks to allow for better drainage.

Geraniums can be prone to root-rot, so you should only need to water them weekly. Allow the soil to dry out completely, and then give it a good soaking.
How to Water: Soak your geranium at the level of the soil of the plant thoroughly. Be careful to avoid getting the leaves and blooms wet. This can cause rotting/disease of the leaves and burning of the blooms (when in the sun).

ou can prune Geraniums by pinching off the end of the stem. This allows for two new growths to happen in its place, and will also produce a more “full” looking bush.

Coral Geranium
Light Pink Geranium
Red Geranium
Light Pink Geraniums

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