How To Care For Verbena And Keep It Thriving

If you’re looking for an easy, annual flowering plant that’s not fussy, drought tolerant, and attracts butterflies, Verbena is a great choice for you! With a variety of vibrant colors and soft leaves, these flowers are the perfect addition to any of your baskets, window boxes, or gardens.

green foliage with pink flowers


The best thing about Verbena is that that aren’t picky. In fact, the most common cause of their downfall is too much attention, aka over-watering and over-feeding them. Follow these tips, and you’ll be just fine!

Where to Grow.
Plant in the sunniest place possible. These beauties LOVE the sun (need at least 8 hours of direct sunlight), and are able to withstand the heat. Be sure to plant them in a sunny place that will help them bloom and thrive.

When and How to Plant.
The best time to plant your verbena would be in the spring, however, you can plant in the summer if special attention is paid to them while they are still establishing.
Remember to plant at least 6 inches apart to increase the air circulation. Water at least two times per week while the plant is still establishing itself into the soil.

Verbena needs well-draining soil. That’s what makes them PERFECT for a rock garden, but obviously you can plant anywhere. If you’re planting in a garden or mixed container, be sure to plant in a mound formation in order to encourage adequate circulation.

pink verbena blooms

The best way to water your verbena is to inspect it every day. If the leaves look limp, then that’s a sign that it’s time to water. They only require about an inch of water a week, but during scorching hot weather, they might need a little bit of extra water.

This is a very important step if you’re wanting your verbena to continue blooming. It won’t produce anymore blooms if it doesn’t have anywhere to grow. To accomplish this, just clip the top part of your flowers that hold the blooms.

Where to Purchase.
So where can you even get these gorgeous plants? We still have quite a good selection available for purchase at each of our locations at Garden Valley Farmers Market. We are local to the following locations in North Carolina: Greensboro, Haw River, Graham, Elon, and Burlington. So stop by today, and see just how beautiful these gorgeous plants really are.

fuscia verbena flowers

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Here’s a few photos sourced from Pinterest to give you all the Verbena inspiration that you’ll need!