Our Top 8 Indoor Plants And How To Care For Them

If you’re looking for easy ways to add some beauty in your home that will not only make it more beautiful, but also reduce stress and filter your air, then we HIGHLY recommend you come to Garden Valley Farmers Market and pick out some of the many indoor plants that we carry. Not only do they provide a warm, personal touch to your home’s decor, but they also remove toxins in the air and release fresh oxygen for you to breathe and enjoy.


Here are our top eight indoor houseplants that we recommend you add to your home
and how to care for them:

man holding green plant

Bird Of Paradise
Light. Direct sun through a window or door
Soil. Well draining potting soil
Water. Water when surface of soil starts to look dry

green plant with white walls
green leaf plant with human feet

Rubber Plant
Light. Bright, indirect light (can accomplish this by shielding the plant with a sheer curtain)
Soil. Well-draining and well-aerated soil
Water. In growing season (summer), keep the plant moist (Droopy leaves means that it needs more water)
You can also learn more about them here.

green succulent

Light. Succulents LOVE sunlight and need AT LEAST half a day of sunlight, depending on the variety you choose
Soil. Repot in a succulent soil
Water. Water heavily, but not often, making sure the soil is dry between waterings

hoya vine on white windowsill

Hoya Tricolor
Light. Bright, indirect light. Hoya also loves humidity, so it’s the perfect plant for a bathroom that has natural light
Soil. Well-draining soil with a perlite or pumice mix
Water. Less is better. Hoya hates overwatering, so make sure the soil dries out between waterings

green monstera leaves
green philodendron leaves

Split Leaf Philadendron (Monstera Deliciosa)
Light. Bright, indirect light
Soil. Peat based potting mix
Water. Water regularly, allowing soil to dry slightly between waterings. You can also mist the leaves to create humidity, which mimics its natural habitat)

green zz plant

ZZ Plant
Light. These like indirect, moderate light, but can also survive in low light conditions (perfect for offices)
Soil. Not picky
Water. Only water when the soil has dried out (yellow leaves means too much water)

variegated pathos leaves
hanging pathos vine

Light. Do well in either bright/indirect light, as well as low light
Soil. Any potting mix is fine
Watering. Allow soil to dry out before watering again

green snake plant in white pot against white wall

Snake Plant
Light. Grows faster in bright light, but also does well in low light conditions
Soil. Well-draining cactus soil will do fine
Watering. Prevent overwatering by allowing soil to dry out

watering plants in sink

CAUTION: Even though these plants can be so beautiful, they can also be harmful and toxic to your pets and children. Please remember to research and take this into consideration when choosing your indoor plants.

And as a general rule of thumb, if you are going to repot your plants, remember to choose pots that have drainage holes in them (or drill your own) in order to prevent root rot. It’s also important to choose a pot that’s only 1-2 inches larger in diameter than the nursery pot. This will allow room for growth but will not engulf the plant.

indoor plants at garden center

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